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Garden Charm

   Wanna kick it up a notch outside? As much as we love our plants, we understand that the right mix of structure and style will enhance a  landscape in a way that just cannot be accomplished with vegetation alone.

    Close your eyes and listen to the water cascading from this gorgeous fountain.

    Imagine trailing your fingers in the cool water, as you relax by its edge. Or, maybe you’re just a bit farther away, admiring the punch of colorful plantings surrounding its base. Getting the picture?


Indoor Style

   Bring the beauty indoors with floral arrangements, artwork and other accessories sure to delight your senses.

   We carefully chose items ranging from jewelry and aprons to pillows… all with a nod to the beauty of nature.

   Love Willow Tree Collectibles? We got those too! Find just the right thing –  here.

   We’ve got accessories for every room in your home – even for the kiddos!

Personal Care

   After a long day of tending the garden, the lady of your house will appreciate a little pampering. The lady of our house has curated some very nice lotions and soaps just for her!


Outdoor Style

   Our offerings are handpicked and guaranteed to delight.

   Add a little something special to your garden or landscape!

   We have a large assortment of garden flags, mats, pottery, bird houses and feeders, and so much more.