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Keeping a lawn and garden beautiful requires the right equipment and supplies. We’re committed to giving you what you need to get the job done, and helping you to understand what is important… and what is not.

Doing the “right” thing… not necessarily the “popular” thing, with quality products that, whenever possible, are environmentally friendly. That’s our commitment to you AND our environment.


    Spring, summer or fall – our garden center is transformed by the blanket of color filling our greenhouses. Every size and color imaginable are displayed. From spring geraniums, colorful hanging baskets, fall mums and pansies, we have the beauties you want to provide instant impact.

    Into herbs & veggies? Large, healthy selections are available for you to nurture and share with family, friends and neighbors.

     Bring the outside in! Choose from multitudes of indoor tropicals to brighten up any room of your home. At years’ end, our stunning poinsettias are one of the many highlights of our incredible Christmas shop.



    Bring year after year color into your landscape by adding to, or creating a perennial garden. Choose from a large variety of both common and hard-to-find plantings to fill any need or desire.

    For those shady garden spots, perennial ferns, lenten roses and hostas of all sizes, shapes and colors will add beauty and texture. Sun-filled areas? Pick from black-eyed susans, daylilies, coreopsis, and coneflowers, among many others.

    Fill those nooks and cranny spots in a pathway with our wide selection of ground covers, or just spill them out of a container. Or drape them over a wall! Gorgeous.


    Whatever your fancy, we have something for everyone!

More Plants!

Vines – From Clematis to Wisteria, you can count on Southern Roots Garden Center to have vigorous selections of climbers just yearning to drape themselves beautifully over your entry ways, poles, fences and trellises.

Grasses – Tall grasses, short grasses, grass to mow and grass to let grow. We’ve got it all. Mondo, Monkey, Maiden, Varigated or Not – grasses provide year round textures and colors to enhance your garden.

Container Gardens – Perfect for your entry, deck, or anywhere you want a mini-garden environment. We have some of the most lovely and interesting plant combinations you’ll find anywhere. And did we mention – healthy? Containers need more frequent watering, and plant combinations that work well AND look good together. Look no further for that “perfect”, unusual gift. Smiles guaranteed!



    These are part of the foundation pieces of the landscape. You will find only the best plants available  from some of the best growers in the country.

    Any need or budget can be easily accommodated with our wide variety of sizes and colors. A relaxing atmosphere has been created just for you, filled with beautiful, healthy trees and shrubs, all waiting to become part of your garden.

    Feel confident as you look to find just the right plants for your landscape, because our knowledgeable and friendly staff are always here to help!


    Trees not only provide beauty, but functional aspects, such as windbreaks and shade. We carry only high quality trees, available in containers or “balled & burlapped” versions.

    Take advantage of our planting service!  For a nominal fee, we will come out and place your tree, ensuring it is properly planted AND provided with the right fertilizers to ensure a strong start.  All you have to do is follow up with water!

    If you’re not sure what kind of tree is appropriate for your needs, just ask! At Southern Roots Garden Center we are always happy to help!

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